Would MoI be a good alternative to SubD modeling for game props?

 From:  Tim (TWKELSEY)

I downloaded the MoI trial and really enjoyed using the application even though I am not very familiar with nurbs modeling. I am thinking about buying MoI and using it to create hard surface models/props for my Unity 3D games. The workflow would be something like:

1) Model in MoI with nurbs
2) Export high resolution poly mesh
3) Import into poly modeler, retopo, create uvs, bake normal/AO/diffuse/Spec maps
4) Export low res mesh with maps into Unity

Currently, I am creating my high-resolution game objects in a poly modeler using SubDs (for step 1) but I really don't dig SubD modeling. I find nurbs modeling for hard surface stuff to be a lot more intuitive. Thing is I don't know a enough about nurbs modeling to know its strengths and weaknesses. I was wondering if others who are more experienced could provide input as to whether or not the above workflow would be a good fit for MoI. Would I be better off sticking with poly/subd modeler for game assets? It doesn't seem like I read about a lot of folks using nurbs for game assets so I was curious as to why.

For organic stuff I sculpt first in Zbrush and retopo, so I already have that workflow covered.