Why can't I blend these?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr,

> I dont personally care for the selection popup like in Rhino, where a popup
> of 3 polysurfaces, 4 curves and 6 edges is presented.

Yeah I had a major goal for MoI really early on in its development to eliminate that. I had set that up originally in Rhino but it's one of the areas that I later on viewed as problematic since it's very disruptive and is popping up on you so frequently. Part of what makes MoI pleasant to use is removing these kinds of constant "in your face" interruptions when you're working on stuff.

It's a good example of an area where I've learned from previous design mistakes from creating Rhino and made improvements in some of the essential areas like how selection works.

But there is still a usability problem in this particular area of having difficulty selecting edges when curves are on top of them, and with beginners just not being aware of how that particular situation works.

> I can easily mouse around to find curves to manage...

Yeah I would not want to really too fundamentally change how this works, I'd still want to have curves given priority and have mousing around work the same as currently, just maybe something like when you actually click on a spot that has both a curve and an edge right on top of each other some kind of small panel could open up that says something like Curve / Edge with curve being highlighted but you could then click on the word "Edge" to select the edge instead or you could just leave it be and do nothing extra. The tricky part is that when a beginner sees this thing saying "Curve or Edge" or "Curve / Edge" or whatever pop up, does it actually give them any clue as to what is really going on or would it just be another source of confusion...

> I guess it's a matter of understanding of the way that works, and how that will be handled for training/learning MoI.

Yup right now this is how this particular issue is dealt with - that it's just something that you have to learn about. But it's definitely one of the main remaining areas of confusion for people starting out using MoI.

> Maybe shortcuts, or a means for placing the cursor in the different selection modes,
> for those wanting to work in that type of way would be less intrusive on the
> current system?

The problem is that these only help out people who fully understand the issue, and once someone understands it they can already solve it with other means already like just hiding the curves...

These methods of a shortcut or different modes would probably not help someone who is starting out, since they wouldn't know about the shortcuts or modes just like they don't know about the curve and edges being different things and the curves being stacked on the edges in the first place.

- Michael