UVW issue from MOI > C4D

 From:  sneather
Not sure whether this will be too difficult to answer here. Perhaps I should post this on one of the C4D forums?

But, regardless, I have included one piece of a CAD file supplied by a client. The piece looks nice and clean in MOI. It looks just as clean when I export the .OBJ and import into Cinema 4D.
The problem starts when I try and add a texture as a UVW map. It's not a perfectly smooth image map, as it gets hung up on the seams between the four main panels (again, see the attached file).
Oddly, when I exported the similar model out of Rhino, the resultant .OBJ file allows a perfectly seamless UVW map of the texture back inside C4D.

There really aren't any obvious settings in MOI for controlling UV or Normal settings. But is there something I'm missing which would allow me to get better results in an animation app like C4D?