MoI convert...

 From:  Mike K4ICY (MAJIKMIKE)
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Welcom aboard McRamblet!

Same here...

I had extensive high school training in drafting, both architectural and technical. But I've spent the last two decades as a graphic designer.
Wanted to get into the 3D realm for so long, but nothing was easy to learn or use. I deem myself pretty savvy and technically inclined, but when you're dealing with manipulation of object that could exist in three dimensions, it's a different animal.

I'm such a cheerleader for MoI now, but for good reasons! I finally found that I actually have some 3D design skill!
(I could end up having a good future in this CAD stuff If I'm not too careful ;-)

Hats off to Michael Gibson for making "ease of use" the guiding standard for developing this CAD program!