Printing a template to exact dimensions

 From:  bemfarmer
Are there any suggestions for printing a 2d template on a laserjet printer, to the exact physical dimensions?
The paper template is to be glued to a piece of aluminum, as a centerpunch and drilling guide.
For example, a 6" by 6" plate, with 16 holes placed at 1.5".

I ended up importing the .3dm 3d surface/object into Alibre. It went in with an unwanted small vertical displacment, and the drawing portion of Alibre did not work with it, so I ended up redrawing everything in Alibre, both due to my poor awkward inability with Alibre. Then used the Alibre drawing portion of the program to insert hole centers, and printed the 2d drawing exactly.

I did try a MoI dxf with draftsight, but quickly gave up.

So the Alibre method worked, but wondered if there were any other suggestions?