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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi niko,

> What is the maximum size I can import?

There isn't any one specific number, it's as big as you have available memory to handle.

But MoI does need to allocate the memory for the image all as one big chunk though (at which point it gets decompressed if it was in some compressed format like PNG or TIFF or something like that), and so if it is particularly big that can add up to a pretty enormous sized chunk of memory.

And then regardless of your original image resolution MoI will need to transfer it onto your video card as a texture in order to display it in the viewport, so it will then down size it at that point anyway if it's larger than 2048x2048 pixels in size. This limit is adjustable under moi.ini under [View] MaxTextureSize=2048 though.

What was the pixel size and size on disk of the image that you were trying to load initially?

Probably it's a good general guideline to give MoI images around 2048x2048 pixels in size or smaller I guess.

- Michael