just purchased from studica -some ideas

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Thanks for the links. Very interesting. I followed back to Ryan's site and downloaded Shapeshop. That's a fun mesh toy. I really hope Autodesk eventually does something with the 3D scaffold sketching research. . I saw a lot of similarity to MOI in the demonstration video. That makes me thankful to have found MOI. I suspect that the technology from Sketchbook Designer will eventually be found in a 3D sketching environment.

As much as I love a good clean NURBS surface, I am an idea man. I generate Lots of ideas very quickly and I only want to spend time making NURBS for Ideas that deserve to be fleshed out. I would love nothing more than to have a 3D environment that moves at the speed of thought. Pencil and paper would be perfect if I could really draw off into the third dimension!

Thanks again for the links,