just purchased from studica -some ideas

 From:  routb3d
I have been testing moi for a few days and decided to buy in. I was pleased to find that I could save a few dollars at Studica. I'm impatiently waiting for my order to go through so I can download V3 beta.

I like to draw fast and I find moi lets me sketch in 3d space very quickly and relatively intuitively with short fast strokes. I have looked high and low and Moi is the first software application that I find to be better than pencil and paper for sketching through the conceptual stage of a 3D form. I find myself using mostly the freeform sketch curve set to repeat along with the Cplane tool to orient my next sketch plane. I keep a few lines locked in a separate layer for mirroring design elements to the other side of symmetric models. When I'm through sketching the rough 3d form, I go back through the model and snap clean curves to the rough sketch in order to produce clean surfaces..

There are some areas that would help my process. I hope to find some of these in V3

I would love to see sketching on surfaces. In V2 the curve tool snaps to a surface but a sketched curve falls through to the Cplane.

I think the Cplane setting tool could us some bells and whistles. - labels for axis, a preview of the plane showing all intersections with curves and surfaces.

I would love The ability to warp or bend the Cplane on the fly. This may be a lot to ask but would be amazing for 3d sketching compound curved features quickly. curved, compound curved and spherical drawing planes (or drawing guides) that would be constrained by 2, 3 or more points.

I realize that all of this can be done with a premeditated surfacing if freeform sketching works on surfaces.. Fingers crossed.

I have several more ideas that would help my particular ideal sketching environment but Ill spare going into that. Mio is brilliant as it is. Like a magic piece of paper that I can rotate the view and sketch off into space. I love that!