Iphone 5 created with moi3d

 From:  koleos (ZENOX)
I finished my Iphone 5 3d model,and I'm posting here some screenshots of my finished model.I also made a blog about creating 3d models with nurbs tools I mentioned moi3d on my blog.If you like you can check it out some of my models i made in moi 3d,and I'm selling them on 3d markets like the3dstudio.com.I invested in moi3d cause I want it to create my models much faster accurate,and to sell them as I do with blender3d.I didn't know how it will go,but I must say I sold one of my model and I'v got 5 stars for my product.That's what I'v been waiting so I could create more cad models with awesome nurbs modeling software moi3d.I sold my my model of gilette razor mach3 I posted here on forum before.After first sold model with Moi3d,I made ipod shuffle and new Iphone 5.I found it looks nice also when i export in 3ds format.My last image shows how it looks when exported in polygons.I checked it with GLC player.I worked with Rhinoceros3d 4.0 before,and if I had to choose only one of them my choice would be moi3d.I didn't tried newer versions of Rhinoceros3d,but moi3d creates much cleaner shapes and works much faster with it's simple interface.Also when I created shortcuts and add some scripts it becomes very powerful toll for creating awesome stuff like we can see here on this forum from other moi3d users.Check my blog on link below.Hope you like it.


EDITED: 9 Nov 2012 by ZENOX