Boolean Problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Randy, it may be something involving tolerances and the pretty small size of some of the individual features that you've got in the model.

I produced the attached version in the current v3 beta release by first scaling up your objects by 10 times in size and then doing the boolean, and it seems to be going ok now.

There's a tolerance involved when any intersection operations take place, and when that tolerance becomes close to the actual size of individual pieces of your model it tends to cause things to get collapsed or glued together in ways that you don't want to have happen, that's what can produce the kind of result you saw originally.

So you may want to increase the size of your model by about 10 times in scale before continuing to work on it to avoid running into this problem too much, to do that select your object, run Transform > Scale, type in 0 and push enter to specify 0,0,0 as the scale origin, and then type in 10 as the scale factor and push enter.

I do have some things in place that tries to adjust the tolerance to suit the overall size of the object but that doesn't work too well when you've got something that's somewhat larger in one direction like your shape here.

- Michael