Checkbox in "Align"

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi ed, I see - something like that I guess would probably fit under a kind of "collision detection" or "point of first contact" mechanism. But unfortunately it would be a pretty major undertaking to make one that worked on all cases, a convex shape like a circle is not so difficult but to do a proper job on arbitrary shapes that have little bits and pieces sticking out at various spots becomes a much different matter.

If you just want to do 2 circles like you mention, you can do that particular case already with the Move command - start up the Move command and before picking the base point drag out a construction line between the origin point of both circles, it will then intersect the circles at the "closest point" spots and you can snap on to those intersection points.

There may be other already existing solutions for other kinds of shapes as well, if you have some particular example other than the circles where this would be useful if you could post that I'll see if I can give you a solution or it may help to get some idea on if there is some particular feature that could be developed to use as one step of the solution.

- Michael