Screenshot script

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi shayne,

> Sorry Michael for not being clear
> yes I was meaning the drawing name at the top right say ring.3dm
> Is it possible to automaticaly save a screenshot as ring.jpg

Yup, here's a script that will do that:

script:var img = moi.view.screenshot( 'viewpanel', false ); var filename = moi.geometryDatabase.currentFileName; if ( filename != '' ) { filename.substring(0,filename.length-3) + 'jpg' ); }

Note that it will just overwrite any existing .jpg of that same name, and it will put it in the same folder as the 3DM file.

> On my V3 wishlist
> Is it possible for MOI to save a thumbnail of the drawing on save so when opening,
> thumbnails show in the current folder rather than just the filenames

It's been on the wishlist for a while, but unfortunately just saving the thumbnail itself is only one piece of the puzzle, I also have to write a couple of different "shell extension" in order to make it possible for the operating system to access the thumbnail as well, by default just storing a thumbnail somewhere inside of a file does not automatically make it visible all on its own.

There's enough fiddling around with doing those that it's been hard to prioritize that work so far.

- Michael