Screenshot script

 From:  Samuel Zeller
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Right now I'm using this script

script: /* Custom screenshot */ var prev_background = moi.view.viewportBackgroundColor; moi.view.viewportBackgroundColor = 0xFFFFFF; moi.view.lineWidth = 3; moi.grid.display = false; moi.grid.showXYAxes = false; moi.view.showAxisIcon = false; moi.view.meshAngle = 3; moi.ui.getActiveViewport().renderToClipboard( 4200, 2970 ); moi.view.lineWidth = 1; moi.grid.display = true; moi.grid.showXYAxes = true; moi.view.showAxisIcon = true; moi.view.meshAngle = 8; moi.view.viewportBackgroundColor = prev_background;

Is it possible to capture exactly the same ratio than what you see in the viewport ? This script is based on a fixed X and Y pixel dimension and depending on how you resize your MoI app it's not perfect

Like if my viewport is 1200px by 600px I'd like to capture that size but two time the resolution (2400px by 1200px) or three time the resolution