Screenshot script

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi shayne,

> Its doesn't grab the current save filename although it does default to the last used folder

Sorry I don't understand this part - when you say "grab" do you mean you want the filename that's displayed in the upper-right corner of the main window to be included in the screen capture? Or something else?

> and can it be altered to save automatically as a jpeg as it defaults to png

There isn't any way to change the initial default, but the way the dialog should work is that once you have used it a single time in a modeling session it should then remember the image file type that you used as the default for the remainder of that same session. So any further screen captures that you do until you exit the program should then use JPG as the default once you have set it to JPG once.

There is not any way set up to change the default for the first use in a session for the file name dialog though.

- Michael