Editing the angle of a line.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Martin, sometimes it is easiest just to redraw something if you think it's not correct, or rotate it to be horizontal using object snaps and then rotate it back by your particular angle.

Some CAD programs have "driving dimensions" where you can enforce certain values onto objects at all times (including editing the values), but MoI is not set up like that - instead MoI is more focused on making it quick and fluid to do the initial drawing of things. But also because of this orientation of MoI it helps if you want stuff to be accurate it usually helps to make things accurately when you first draw them.

> If the latter is the recommended way, then I'm thinking it could get a bit more involved if I'd drawn something like a spoked wheel.

It's best to make sure what you have done is correct before making doing replications or stuff like that where it may be more difficult to correct them.

At some point I would like to have both annotation type and also driving dimensions in MoI as well. But often times programs that focus primarily on that workflow though kind of have a "jump through some hoops" type flavor to their workflow though and it's been a big focus for MoI to try and have a fast and fluid type drawing feel.

- Michael