Win 8

 From:  TpwUK
5505.8 In reply to 5505.7 
Hi Ed, moving over to the edges of the screen results in fly out menu, despite all the shifting towards touch screens, as far as i am aware there are no CAD packages that support it directly, so you still need a mouse or a graphics tablet with pen, and then you will still need the keyboard or you will have to be happy bouncing around open apps to get to your on screen keyboard or calculator etc. Don't get me wrong, if you like a pc that looks like a mobile phone, then great. It looks nice, it's quick but it's just not for me, I can foresee a shopping spree for many business if they adopt this version of windows, it's a bit of a hybrid, and I hope i am wrong, but i just feel it's just an OS built to force you down the path of touch screen stuff, and to boost sales of hardware that most people wouldn't otherwise have purchased or needed. It's going to be great for presentations and office use but to me it's just yugh otherwise.

If Microsoft had provided for old fashioned Ludites like me that think a desktop computer should look like one then I would have been happier with it. Like i say it will be great for laptops with touch screens and where the mouse and keyboard are built in, and it's probably well suited for tablets pc's and mobile phones, maybe Microsoft want a cross platform OS so you can have the same look and feel across their products, that would make sense, but in doing so they are leaving me, and others like me who helped to build their empire behind and forcing them to consider alternatives, with all the headaches associated with that too. It's a loose loose OS for me at the moment, but i will wait n see how it goes, I feel another Vista flop coming on.