Feature request for MoI v3.

 From:  Michael Gibson
5503.8 In reply to 5503.5 
Also is this something that would only go in the properties panel, or would it go on every edit field that shows units?

Because on a lot of them the value in the field is pretty dynamic, like when you're drawing a circle inside the circle command, the field changes when you move the mouse and if you type in a single value there it finishes the command. So for cases like that I'm not sure that you would get anything from having a converter widget.

The properties panel one is different from that that one is showing you the properties of an existing object. So would this only go on the properties panel and not on just every edit field?

Also when you pop out the edit panel when your object is not a line or a circle when you open up the "Edit size" dropdown, there are multiple fields there, not just one, and also multiple units labels one for each field.

Like if you select a box and then open up the edit size panel you get this:

So would that be weird that you would do this unit conversion thing on only one of those fields at a time?

- Michael