Feature request for MoI v3.

 From:  Michael Gibson
5503.4 In reply to 5503.1 
Hi Martin (& Martin!), would you expect for that units change of just that one particular field to stick for the next use of the same field (like next time that UI is shown again) ?

And you mean each separate field everywhere in MoI would have it's own individual setting?

Also what about if you switch the units on one particular field, what should then happen when you enter in a new value in that field (as just a plain number with no typed in units at the end), would it use the "main" units, or the "field specific" units for that entry? I guess I can forsee some potential for problems either way - if your default units were say cm but you switched just that one field to inches, it would then probably be weird if you saw a value in inches but when you typed in a value your typed in value was taken in cm. However, I'm also not so sure that having the input units be different on one single field is such a good thing either since you could end up in trouble if you change the field's setting once and then forget to pay attention to that one field being different than all the others later on...

So I don't know, seems like some potential for trouble.

- Michael