Feature request for MoI v3.

 From:  Michael Gibson
5503.17 In reply to 5503.1 
Hi Martin (original poster) - ok I think I now fully understand what you were originally asking for which is a way to change the units being displayed directly inside of the properties panel.

So yeah that would worry me about people wandering across this feature by clicking on that spot and then not really understanding what unit setting their file was actually currently set to, I could see someone pretty easily thinking that they had changed the units for the current overall document by switching the units on the panel only.

The way that I've shown in that screencap should help avoid that kind of problem since I think it will be clear that it's just "peeking" at different units just in the popup alone and not actually altering anything. Or at least I hope it will be understood that way.

Maybe it will be possible for me to put in a hook that will enable a script to be set up to do alter the units being displayed at the top level in the properties panel, I'm not so worried about someone getting confused after running a specialized script as I am about someone clicking on things...

- Michael