A quick model and render.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Cube, it looks great!

Yes for things that are fairly long but only shallowly curved just the angle parameter alone (which is what the slider controls) often won't drive enough refinement.

When that happens you can use the "Divide larger than" setting to produce additional refinement - you can enter in a distance value for that meshing parameter and it will cause any polygons longer than that distance to be further subdivided. It can help to add more refinement to those kinds of areas.

So for instance if those current rough areas are about 3 units in length for each segment, enter in a value of 1 for "Divide larger than" and then it will divide those down to 3 times as many polygons to make it smoother.

MoI doesn't try to automatically fill in that "Divide larger than" parameter just by moving the slider because it's a scale dependent value - if you have a small sized object you would put in a small value there and a large sized object would have a larger value, that's unlike the angle parameter which drives things based only off of curvature and so is not dependent on size.

- Michael