The openNURBS 5 toolkit is available. Also recomended C++ compiler, and graphic interface.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Brian, yup actually MoI already uses an earlier release of the OpenNURBS 5 toolkit for MoI v3 and the last several releases of v3 have already been compatible with the Rhino v5 3DM files. (maybe from the first v3 beta, I can't quite remember off hand when I started with OpenNURBS 5).

> Also, thought I would as what C++ compiler you would recommend for an amateur
> programmer, who would like to dabble in trying some C++ programming. Is Microsoft
> Visual C++ 2010 OK, or ...?

Yup, that should be ok in general - I myself do use an older version - Visual Studio 2003 mostly because I happen to be most comfortable with that one (doesn't have as much bloat added as newer versions do).

There is a free version of Visual C++ available called I think the "Express" release, that would probably be a good starting point.

> Also what graphic interface to use. Have the impression that OpenGL is
> "behind the times, or inferior to Directx...", or ?

Either one is fine for just testing stuff with. The main advantage to Direct3D is that the graphics drivers on Windows tend to be more robust and just generally less buggy for Direct3D as compared to OpenGL - often times you only get good OpenGL drivers with the "pro" (and much more expensive) versions of video cards.

The main thing for OpenGL is that it's cross platform, it's available on Mac and Linux for example.

- Michael