Is this the best way?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Cube,

> So is the way I did it a valid way of construction or am i going to run
> into problem later (i.e coplaner faces)

It's valid as long as you don't mind that there's going to be sharp creases between each of the separate pieces that you've constructed...

The most simple way to fill in a hole like you've got on the top there can be to divide the closed curve into 2 halves and then do a loft between the halves. But even though that will fill in the hole it won't make a smooth connection to the surrounding surfaces.

Usually in order to make things smooth with NURBS you would construct the bigger broader pieces first and then do fillets and blends to form the transition areas, building only the transition areas first is kind of reverse from the regular way that you'd try to approach it.

If you definitely need a variable radius fillet, then probably the easiest way would be to bring your geometry into a different CAD program that can do variable radius fillets right now, ViaCAD is a good option for doing that:

- Michael