Is this the best way?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Cube, yes NURBS modeling is a pretty different method from polygon modeling.

One of the things that tends to be hardest for people to get used to is the idea of building bigger extended pieces and then cutting them with one another as the main method to produce shapes. People from polygon modeling backgrounds often want to put in the final edges and then patch things in from there.

But usually with NURBS modeling you don't want to specifically draw all the final edges yourself, you want to try and draw mostly 2D curves then make some pieces from 2D curves and produce some areas by cutting with the 2D curves and with that method many of the 3D edges of your final model are formed not by your own direct drawing them but by intersections calculated between the larger pieces.

The good thing though is that when you get into the groove with this method you can produce a lot of stuff really quickly since you can make a lot of stuff happen all from 2D curves.

There are some tips for people from a poly modeling background here which may be helpful:

The more sort of generally blobby-ish and organic your shape is then the less it is very well defined only by 2D profile curves and such shapes are usually a better fit for polygon modeling rather than NURBS modeling.

- Michael