Microsoft "Surface" and MoI

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Yenmonger, yeah just checking over at their order page, the only surface that seems to be available currently for pre-order is the "Surface with Windows RT" - this is the ARM based one which will not run any regular pre-existing Windows applications. So do not get that one if you want to run MoI !

I'm sure that this is going to be an area of considerable confusion, since it's not very obvious to people that "Windows RT" is a specialized version of Windows that is not compatible with previous versions...

At some point I think they will be having an Intel based surface as well with the same chassis and keyboard but that will be running regular Windows 8 instead of "Windows RT". That version does not appear to be available for pre-order quite yet.

And yes, re: graphics chips, some info on that here:

The ARM based one uses an nVidia Tegra chip, it's more of a smart phone-ish type graphics chip I think, and the Intel one has Intel HD graphics 4000.

The Intel version has better specs across the board, higher res display, etc... - I would not be surprised if it came in at something like twice the price of the ARM based one.

- Michael