Trouble with Boolean Diff

 From:  Michael Gibson
5482.7 In reply to 5482.6 
Hi steve, I'm glad you've got it working ok now.

> I've noticed on the OSX version, when Display Hidden lines is unchecked, it still
> shows the hidden lines has solid lines..

I've just tested the OSX version and it seems to be working normally - try for example on a box and you should see the back edges of the box show or hide when you check or uncheck View > Display hidden lines.

But even with hidden lines turned off you can get "bleed through" which is a different issue, see here for more information on that:

That's one of the various kinds of display artifacts that can happen with the real time display - because it's a big focus for the display to be fast there are a bunch of different kinds of imperfections that you can end up seeing in it that you would not see in an "offline render" type image.

- Michael