Is MoI multi-threaded on OSX ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi DesuDeus, MoI on OSX is just as multi-threaded as on Windows.

But multi-threading is only used in some specific cases - for mesh generation at export time and also now in v3 for the realtime viewport display.

Currently the import process is not multi-core enabled, so that's normal for it to only use one core during a file open.

It's a very complex and easy-to-mess-up process to convert regular program code into multi-core enabled code, it involves rewriting a lot of code and breaking things down into smaller sets of tasks that can be run in parallel and then a lot of careful stuff to synchronize to combine the results of the separate tasks back together again.

It's one of the easiest areas in programming to have difficult to analyze and reproduce bugs, so because of that inherent difficulty level it's not possible for me to just multi-core enable every single piece of MoI all over the place, it's something that requires especially careful planning and implementation.

Big file imports are one possible area to target in the future but I do not expect to get to that anytime soon. I do expect to put the main single core loading process on a separate thread so that the UI does not appear frozen while in the middle of a big import though.

So long story short, yes what you are describing is normal and is the same as how it behaves on Windows.

If you're doing a big import you just need to be patient... :)

- Michael