Fillet Question - New User

 From:  Cube
Hi All,
Firstly I’m a new user and just having a play with the demo, I come from a 3DS max background (also used Amapi quite heavily back in the late 90s early 2000s).
Absolutely loving the program... although I don't see replacing 3DS for some modeling, I’ll certainly be purchasing to use on the more product based stuff and then using on conjunction with 3DS. You have no idea how nice it is to have booleans and fillets that actually work! The interface is just lovely. I recently spent nearly a day modeling a product part in 3DS max that took less than an hour in MoI

Anyway enough of the praise…

I have a quick question regarding fillets. Is it possible to vary the fillet radius around an edge?
I hope the pic might explain a little further…
I wanted to have quite a small fillet at the top of the attachment that spreads out to a much larger fillet around the base. As you can see on the right side it is constant but on the left I have attempted to achieve this using the ‘Blend’ tool with some success but wanted to know if there was an easier way?

As with most modeling programs im guessing MoI has more than one way to achieve most things and it’s a trial and error process.
I hope people won't mind me picking a few brains when I get stuck on things?