Creating Groups

 From:  Sculpt (SCULPTOR919)
Hi everyone,

I have recently purchased Moi and am loving it's features.

I'd like to request (if possible) for Version 3 to have a Group Objects/Curves/Sufaces option, and each group to be named and layered (Like Photoshop Layers), you click on the layer and those curves are highlighted ready for adjustments.

Theres so many overlapping curves/surfaces in my models (in the 4 viewports) I would like to have more control over them by isolating them to indiviual groups. That way I can better pinpoint other points and curves to modify.


Another request...

This is a biggy.....if possible can NURBS be optimised for sculpting, zBrush style. Say for example I had a surface that was built on 4 curves (a network), could you interact with that surface to to raise it's features even further??? you sculpt more Nurbs curves are generated between the original 4 curves to give more definition to the original surface?

This would be an amazing feature that would free my modeling workflow up massively!!!