General newbie question.

 From:  angeliclight
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Thanks a lot!

I am really "attracted" to MOI, though I don't consider myself a "CAD" user or IT even a CAD "program". I tend do do and be more "construction" oriented than sculptural, so this was a fantastic explanation.

The next thing, as I become more advanced, to learn is how to keep the scale/measurements accurate on the various planes if modeling a real structure from either known measurements or relative proportions. I am sure it's not that hard, but I am not too famliar with modeling in general yet.

If you included some "real world" tutorials, like modeling a building from a plan or something like that, I'm sure there'd be $200 less in my bank account and $200 in yours a lot sooner than later... ;)

Thanks again, both for the super program and great answer!

- A