General newbie question.

 From:  angeliclight
Hi, there,

I am new to the 3D world, though I do have (but never used) both Carrara and Swift3D. As my interest grew, through an online forum I found MOI as well as Modo (and obviously others like 3DS, Lightwave, etc...) and I have probably too embarassing a question to ask, but you can't learn if you don't ask, right?

I don't have much interest in character/human-based modeling, and not much into animation right now - mostly architectural/vehicle/mechanical/etc...and I've fallen in love with MOI (though I can't work it that well) and love MODO, too, but it seems too complex.

My main question is - how does NURBS compare to sub-z as far as architectural/vehicular/mechanical modeling goes as far as EASE, productivity, and workflow?

I was holding back asking some of these type things because on other forms, some of the stock answers are "download the demos," which is indeed very valid. However, being new to the whole 3D software world, and not just a specific software package, it's hard to gather a reference point from working with one program, knowing it might be missing an entire feature set that dis-allows you to work in a whole paradigm itself. (Non-NURBS or whatever the various "types" of modeling are.)

I am not looking to be the worlds foremost expert on 3D software and all of the things every one can do. I am just trying to hone in on the software that creates the best output most productively for a one-person operation.

Sorry this is long-winded, and thanks so much for any input.

(Maybe a good "in-summary" question would be, if I have MOI and renderer and don't care about animation or character/anatomical stuff...what else do I need?)

Thanks a lot, and have a good weekend, all,

- A