Will Moi3d ever have support for textures?

 From:  Arzka (ARZKA007)
Will it ever be possible to apply textures to 3d models directly on Moi3d?

I realize that Moi3d is now used just for creating 3d shapes and texturing / rendering is being done afterwards with other programs...

I personally would like this feature in order to do the following: 1 - import some "point cloud data" from laser scannig. 2 - Draw manually simplified 3d shapes based on cloud data. 3 - Apply textures from photos. (I'd like to do all this on Moi 3d because it's pretty much the only 3d modelling tool that is easy for me to use...)

Also this kind of "feature-aligned shape texturing" would be a nice-to-have feature: