Thread cutting script - WIP

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Martin, in your new script, replace this:

/*mode*/ factory.setInput( 1, '#Points' );

With this:

/*mode*/ factory.setInput( 1, 'numpoints' );

and then you should be ok - the mode can be either: 'refit' or 'numpoints' - otherwise it will still be in "refit to tolerance" mode, which will only ignore kinks if they are not too large of an angle. It can be misleading to just look at UI text, often the actual scripting value is not exactly the same as the text you see in the UI, if you look in rebuild.htm you can find the actual value that gets used on the factory here (see the part of the drop-down control I've marked with ****):

	<moi:Select id="mode" oninit="UpdateControls();" onchange="UpdateControls();">
		<moi:Option ****value="refit"**** textid="Rebuild refit to tolerance mode"/>
		<moi:Option ****value="numpoints"**** textid="Rebuild num points mode"/>

The text that's displayed in the UI comes from the strings.txt file and will be different if a different language setting is being used, it's often slightly different than the script values.

- Michael