Thread cutting script - WIP

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Martin, to do a curve fillet you need to create a list with a boolean entry for each vertex and add that to the factory on input 2.

Normally this is done in the Fillet command by calling factory.generateVertices(), then letting the user pick the vertices which are temporary point objects and then calling factory.finishedPickingVertices() at the end of the picking stage, but you can instead directly create a list and add the boolean flags to it, there should be one flag for each segment of the input curve.

So something like this should work:

    factory = moi.command.createFactory( 'fillet' );

    var vertflags = moi.createList();
    vertflags.add( true );
    vertflags.add( false );
    vertflags.add( false );
    factory.setInput( 2, vertflags );

    factory.setInput( 0, moi.geometryDatabase.getSelectedObjects() );
    factory.setInput( 3, 1.0 );
    factory.setInput( 4, "circular" );

- Michael