Thread cutting script - WIP

 From:  Michael Gibson
5451.11 In reply to 5451.10 
> It starts to behave strange when I run the script more than once i.e. the UI dissapears after some time.

I saw this happen once but I've been unable to repeat it reliably so I'm having a hard time debugging it.

It may be the UI getting stuck in some particular mode due to calling the native HTML alert() method, try calling moi.ui.alert( 'text' ); rather than moi.ui.commandUI.alert - the second one there calls the alert method on the HTML Window object, and that puts up a different kind of dialog that MoI is not in as much direct control over.

> would give the tapered helix we already know while a setting of 25 would produce a helix that
> runs with the start radius straight up to the middle and then starts to taper.

The problem is that making a taper start suddenly at one single point like that will result in the same problem that you had before - that would make 2 different portions that had a different tangent where they touched, those different helix shapes naturally have different tangents at that juncture area.

- Michael