MoI3d 1.1 Errors Cont.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Arymond, MoI v1.1 and v2 use the Internet Explorer display and scripting engines for a lot of different things, if the IE installation on your system has gotten mangled so that IE does not run anymore that may mean that your system is messed up enough that MoI v1.1 will not run on it anymore without you doing a full reinstall of the operating system to repair it.

MoI v3 does not rely on these Internet Explorer components any more, so it will likely be unaffected by these problems.

There is a Reset mechanism that is supposed to reset IE into its stock configuration and can sometimes cure problems like a mangled registry from registry corruption, but I think you've tried that already? We had a discussion about it previously here:

Basically the full list is that you need a properly functioning mshtml.dll and jscript.dll and to not have any corrupted registry settings involving those.

If none of those other things that I mentioned in that previous thread have helped, you're probably looking at wiping your hard drive and re-installing Windows freshly on it in order to get a proper working environment.

The other option is that you could upgrade to v2 and then run the v3 beta which uses a pretty different and much more self contained system for the UI and for scripting and will probably not be affected by whatever has mangled IE on your system.

But from what you have described about IE not running at all, that's a pretty bad sign that your system is mangled in the particular areas that MoI v1.1 happens to use.

- Michael