Curve lowres tessellation issues

 From:  Michael Gibson
544.2 In reply to 544.1 
Hi Bjone - this is supposed to work if you join those surfaces (use Edit/Join) into one connected object.

When surfaces are joined together at their common edges, that is when MoI will do extra work to make sure that there are common vertices for the mesh along that edge.

If you just have 2 surfaces that are positioned next to each other but not joined, then MoI does not understand that their edges are supposed to be fused together.

If you have a model where you do have joined surfaces but are still seeing different vertices along shared edges, then that would be a bug. If you see something like that then please post a model file so I can examine it.

Also joining will ensure that there is a consistent direction to all the meshes within one object - if you don't join surfaces next to each other it is possible for the meshes to have different normal directions.

> (i feel it to be a lot of work, if you rely on an external curve library :/)

It was a lot of work! :)

- Michael