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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Brian,

> From the QuickCircle script, what does this line do?
> pointpicker.stickToSurfacesMode = 'max';

The point picker's "stick to surface mode" controls how the snap plane alignment function works, it's for making planar objects use a plane surface or a plane along the surface's normal as the drawing plane temporarily rather than the object being drawn in the construction plane as it normally is.

This mode can be one of the following values: "default", "max", "maxplanes", "min", "none"

// Stick to surfaces mode controls under what circumstances the snap plane is reoriented
// to align to a surface when drawing in the 3D view.
// StickToSurfacesMode_Default = orient snap plane to surfaces when base point + current
// point are on a common planar surface. Do speculative on snap, but disabled final off-plane suppression.
// This is used as a default for handling things like lines, polylines, rect from corner, ...
// StickToSurfacesMode_Max = orient snap plane even if only a single point is on a surface,
// do speculative on snap, and also suppress all off-plane snapes. Used for greater
// alignment to surfaces for Circle, Rect center, polygon, polygon star.
// StickToSurfacesMode_MaxPlanes = same as Max above, but only target plane objects.
// StickToSurfacesMode_Min = minimal stick to surfaces, only orient snap plane to surfaces
// if both points are on a common plane surface, no speculative snap, no final off-plane
// suppression.
// StickToSurfacesMode_None = no snap plane reorientation at all.

> Is there some way to lock the "on surface" snap, when placing say a point, to keep it
> on the surface of a surface, and still
> snap in the x and y directions to other objects? I guess the 3D window would
> have to be looking straight down.

Sorry I'm not really understanding what this means, maybe if you could post an example file ?

If you want to use a direction from some other object, you can do something like create a construction line on that other object initially and then relocate the construction line onto the surface, then you will be able to snap on to that cline to use that direction that you want.

Some info on how to relocate construction lines here:

- Michael