Circle Tangent on a sphere ?

 From:  bemfarmer
The chord length of the diameter of the circle of radius R, on the sphere of radius r, is given by the formula
2*R = 2* math.sqrt(r*r - d*d)
R*R = r*r - d*d
d*d = r*r - R*R

So the center of the circle is located at a distance "d" from the center of the sphere, where

d = sqrt(r*r - R*R)

So a simple script may be possible, if the radius of the sphere and the radius of the circle, can be extracted by MoI.

d is the Apothem, also denoted by a.
The depth of the center of the circle, from the surface of the sphere, is the Sagitta. Which sounds a lot like "sag" :-)

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