Illustrator 6 Issue

 From:  trc (TERRYC)

I am running MOI on OS 10.7.4 and have run into an issue with Illustrator 6.

Once MOI has been run, trying to launch Illustrator 6 fails and returns the message:

"Unable to set maximum number of files to be opened."

It doesn't matter whether MOI is still running or not - only that it was launched before trying to start Illustrator. If Illustrator was launched before MOI, it will continue to run, but once closed it cannot be restarted.

This scenario is repeatable and can only be corrected by restarting the computer.

Same behavior in 2.5 and 3.0 beta and only with Illustrator 6 (5.5 works fine). I have also been able to reproduce the problem on a different computer running OS 10.6.

It has proven to be somewhat inconvenient so I hope it can be resolved in the 3.0 release.