mitre joint

 From:  Michael Gibson
5407.6 In reply to 5407.1 
Hi Rudl, there is a mitering mechanism in MoI in Sweep, it's when you do a sweep of a profile around a one-rail path like so:

However, it's meant to be used on a regular path curve where there is at most 2 segments joining together at any single common juncture.

The way that sweep mitering works is by generating a longer extended piece which then has its ends trimmed off by a miter plane created at the juncture area.

For your case you could either do that same kind of approach that sweep takes internally where you would build a larger extende piece and then trim it to a common cutting plane and then join the pieces together, or possibly you could use the mitered sweep on your 3 branched one if you did half of a profile at a time and did 3 different paths.

- Michael