seems so simple, but...

 From:  Michael Gibson
5400.2 In reply to 5400.1 
Hi Peter, can you please post the results that you did have already with the revolves and sweeps like you are describing? Did you have some difficulty with just one particular area of the model?

Is the problem that you're trying to build the entire model in just one revolve or just one single sweep? The model that you show has some various different piece to it, so you will need to build it up in several different pieces that then get combined, not just all out of one single sweep.

So for example this portion here could be done by an extrude of a rounded rectangle outline:

This portion could be done with a loft between 2 different sized profiles:

This round portion here could be done with a revolve:

Usually each part of your model that has its own kind of shape will be built separately and then you can use boolean operations to combine the pieces together.

If you could post the 3DM model files of your previous attempts, that would help to give you some tips on what might be going wrong with your previous approach.

- Michael