intersection line - plane

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rudl, it is possible to create a point object where a line and plane intersect by using the Construct > Curve > Isect command:

To do that, select both the plane and your line (it should be a regular line object and not a temporary "construction line"), and click that button and a point object will be generated at the intersection.

That command will generate curves where 2 surfaces or solids intersect one another, and also point objects where curves intersect other curves, surfaces, or solids.

> Is it also possible. to find out the point between a constructionline and a plane.

Not directly with the construction line itself, you need to draw in a regular line object which can then be selected and used as input into Construct > Curve > Isect.

> Is it possible to use constructionlines with points.

In what way? Do you mean while drawing a point object? Yes - you can use construction lines in any "drawing" command where MoI is asking you to pick a point location.

- Michael