Scripting Challenge .... Any takers ?

 From:  TpwUK
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Hi Michael -I am sorry i don't seem to be able to get my problem across very well. Sorting the memory issue has been resolved, that was never too much of a problem, the problem is not really that much of a problem, like i said in the first post, it's not that deadly a requirement, just something for someone to play with - should they want to do it. Hi definition models, as you know result in high density poly meshes - when you have a load of foreign language that you cant translate, then you are left with select the style name, zoom in and see if it gives you a clue as to what it is, then export that part giving it a reasonable mesh density for your needs. Now if i don't do that, and if i spew the objects out ad hoc through the exporter by grabbing half of the model, i am going to end up with a 500MB plus IGES file or I am going to have wheels that look like a UK 50p piece hence the need to select from the style list. Selecting each object and setting mesh density is the only way i know of how to keep control of the final poly count, like i have said before there are many items that will look good with a low mesh density and others that won't. As time is of a premium to me, because of my other responsibilities, this task could be massively reduced by removing all the to-ing and fro-ing that this task involves.

As a hobbyist modeller and render freak, I sometimes want to render somebody else's work, just for fun or because i can get better results than them and they ask, but you look at the model, and imagine render camera angles, lighting etc for close-ups on details and the like, so you do mesh density according to how close you intend to go, and lesser density to parts that don't need it or that are not going to be seen at all, the under belly of a car for example that has no detailing provided don't need many polys.

Does this explain things any better ?