Scripting Challenge .... Any takers ?

 From:  TpwUK
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Hi Micahel, if you remember you gave me the tip about mesh angle for the MoI display when I was doing the Lamborghini model, and yes it works well with speeding up the interface and for reducing memory consumption. What I have at the moment is a 290MB car model - Saving it from Moi reduced it by 60MB (rhino render meshes stripped out i assume), but the wheels are very high definition as are other areas of the model, but since the model is by a Brazilian chap, its layers/styles are all in Spanish/Latin American so I have no idea what the styles relate to as an object, trying to export the model is a pain and i have given up for now because of the time or lack of it that I have at my disposal, however it spawned another brain storm for reducing the amount of mouse clicks i have to do to get a part exported, and having to name each file for each export etc, I just thought, hmmm a batch export script would do just nicely about now. I am not complaining or moaning about MoI, it's just this model has something like 150 layers, and rather than guessing and trying to translate the object to what i think it is, i thought ahh copy the style name for the export file name and on and on it went - tedious as hell - lol