Scripting Challenge .... Any takers ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Martin, the tips that I linked to are not about reducing the export mesh density, they are for reducing the in-viewport display mesh density that is used just to display your objects inside of MoI before you have even done the export.

By default the density for display meshes is a fairly dense setting, if you adjust it as described in the link above that will make for a rougher viewport display but that will also consume less memory overall for MoI and so that can help avoid Moi running out of 32-bit address space when you want to export.

> Having to back track and lower export settings can be tedious when there are a lot of entities/objects.

Again, what I wrote before is about adjusting MoI's display settings to help conserve memory, it doesn't have anything to do with lowering export settings.

Have you tried making the adjustments as described above? Again the link is:

Please try those tips first to see if that trims enough memory consumption so that you can do your export properly or not.

> I guess it's because I don't have all day to sit there picking objects, exporting them and then hiding them away

Selecting just half the objects only takes a couple of seconds, not all day.

From your last reply it sounds like you did not apply any of the advice that I wrote about at all, please try doing all of those tips which involve adjusting a few settings that you will not have to mess with anymore after that and only doing one single selection trick of selecting half your objects at export time.

After doing those things, do you still run out of memory with the file where you were seeing that problem in, or do those tips make that work ok?

- Michael