Scripting Challenge .... Any takers ?

 From:  TpwUK
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Hi Michael - It's not my machine that's short of ram, its MoI running out of its working memory, reducing the mesh angle does help with the Moi display, but when having to export to a rendering package that does not do subd smoothing, you can still chew the memory away when preparing the export mesh. Having to back track and lower export settings can be tedious when there are a lot of entities/objects.

Grabbing a quarter of a model or half of it, can help yes, but when you need to use different mesh angles for different objects, you then run into the need of an automated process, especially if you are working on something that's not your own work, and you have no idea what a ms301-b is. I guess it's because I don't have all day to sit there picking objects, exporting them and then hiding them away whilst still trying to look after someone else i could do with an automated type of process that would drastically reduce the amount of time needed, a letter box would still look just as good with 16 polys as it would with 5,000 but the same cant be said for the door handle. Having to select from the styles or named objects, then having to zoom then click on file, export, select type, then set parameters then ok it, then click hide and go back and do it all over again for the next object and blah blah blah

Surely a batch export is not of use just to me .... If i had more time, I would attempt the scripting myself, but alas I do not. Again it's not a deadly important feature for me to have, but boy would it be nice and handy.