Scripting Challenge .... Any takers ?

 From:  TpwUK
Hi everyone, here's a challenge for the script puppies amongst you....

A script that works with the export option, that will go down the "Styles" listing selecting each object as it goes along, the selected object is then zoomed into and that object to offer mesh settings before exporting, after each object has been exported, the then selected object to be hidden away, and the next object in the styles list is then selected and the process keeps cycling until the whole list has been exported. Once all objects have been exported, then all of them should be un-hidden and the model as a whole selected and zoomed to extents.

It's a real world need for some of us who may have to handle large models with hundreds of parts to them, doing this export thing selecting one item at a time for exporting to try and prevent memory expiration issues is a time consuming job, an option to set all exported elements to the same mesh settings would be a bonus and would remove the need to keep popping up the mesh options dialog!!

Is it a do-able project ?

All the best guys, dolls etc :¬)