IGES Export for prototyping

 From:  NotSolidEnuf (WMEPARKER)
Hello All,
I am a new but now somewhat experienced user of MOI, having worked with it for about two months.

I have read through strings having to do with iges import and export. I have had no problem importing iges. I am having a problem exporting to iges for use by the various groups from which I'm getting quotes for prototyping, all of whom require iges. Even though the shape I am sending has no visible problems, and the scripts you all have thoughtfully provided to check for open curves, etc. have been run, and the different parts of the shape "Join", the export is still coming up with bad data or no volume. I am attaching an example in MOI and in iges format.

I don't think hardware is the problem; my computer is running AMD graphics chips, and there is plenty of memory and screen resolution. Most of the people I'm sending to are using SolidWorks.

Thanksing you in advance,