Running multiple MoI instances on OSX

 From:  Michael Gibson
5384.12 In reply to 5384.11 
Hi Desudeus, please let me know if you see any difference on 10.8 , that might point to some kind of issue with 10.6.x .

I can probably help you more easily with 10.8 since I have that here, but I do not have 10.6.x here and so it's difficult for me to investigate problems with it.

One thing to note is that if you install the very latest 10.8 update, the 10.8.2 version you will need to install XQuartz and change a setting in MoI in order to run the current v3 beta on 10.8.2 as described here:

And also for running version 2.5 on 10.8.2 you will want to get the latest 2.52 version which you can get at - it will run on 10.8.2 without any other things required.

- Michael