Screenshot shortcut problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
5381.2 In reply to 5381.1 
Hi DesuDeus,

> 1. Hide the viewport name (top, left, right, bottom etc...) that is captured in the screenshot

There is not currently any way to turn that off, I will add something for that for the next v3 beta though.

> 2. Set the mesh angle to 3 before taking the screenshot then set it back to 8

This is set by moi.view.meshAngle, so you would put: var prev_meshangle = moi.view.meshAngle; before the call to renderToClipboard(), and then put moi.view.meshAngle = prev_meshangle; after it to restore it.

> 3. Hide the XYZ stuff on the bottom left

This one is set by moi.view.showAxisIcon, so put: var prev_showaxisicon = moi.view.showAxisIcon; before renderToClipboard() and then moi.view.showAxisIcon = prev_showaxisicon; after it to restore it.

Hope this helps! I have only looked up these values but not tested the above scripts myself, please let me know if they don't work properly for you.

- Michael